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CVA Guns Kits and Value Packs

CVA guns are availible in rifle "outfits", and these have proven to be extremely popular with muzzleloader hunters, especially hunters just entering the sport. Each outfit comes with everything needed to shoot and clean the gun except for powder and primers. (powder and primers are highly regulated and it would be prohibitivly expensive to include them with a gun) Several outfits already include a mounted 3-9x40 Bushnell rifle scope. Other items in each outfit include a complete instructional DVD, tools, PowerBelt® bullets, bullet starter, speed loaders, cleaning jag, cleaning patches, Barrel Blaster Wonder Gel, breech plug stick, breech brush, and instruction book.

Guns include in kits include the Optima Magnum, Kodiak, Buckhorn, and Wolf muzzleloaders. Optima Elites and Optima Pros are not packaged as kit guns.

The bullets include in each kit are Powerbelt bullets. Powerbelt bullets once carried the CVA label but now the stand alone as their own brand. They are included in the CVA outfits because BPI (Blackpowder Products Inc.) is the owner of both CVA and the Powerbelt bullet company.

The best value in purchasing a kit is the information contained in the DVD and instruction sheet. A complete novice, without any outside guidance, can watch the DVD and learn how to load, shoot, and clean a CVA muzzleloader.

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